The trials and triumphs of creating an 'inspiration board'


KP here, reaching out to you from the depths of my work space, (don't be fooled by the mess- it's organised chaos)... Where I am currently getting busy creating my next collection. Woo Hoo!

I don't know where you get your kicks, but for me there is not much more satisfying than creating new things. I get so much joy and excitement from putting my ideas to paper and then materialising those ideas into real live clothes that you can wear and that make you feel good. Nay, make you feel GR8! Yes with an 8... (See I'm much too busy 'creating' to possibly waste time writing in longhand).

Any-who, I thought I'd give you a little looksy into my design process by posting an inspiration board that I have been working on. This is the first port of call on the design journey. The reason I start here is to do some trend research and get the creative juices flowing for my Summer 16/17 range. I'm not going to post any pics of fabrics or sketches of what is to come, mainly because I don't want to spoil the surprise!

So basically here it is, a mini look into my inspiration- Enjoy!

Love, me x

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